Services & Publications


In addition to preparing the books of Dar, we provide technical support for many writers who intend to publish their book; whether individuals or international organizations, governmental or local institutions. This support includes: revision of scientific content, revision, language editing, making sufficient books templates that and/or any other business and cultural publications, technical output, publishing and distribution.

Research and graduation projects

This department provides services of revising specialized researches in social sciences , as per client demand; the services include editing, checking references, making the necessary additions, technical support for those who would like to turn their thesis and dissertations, graduation projects to books & publications and more

Translation & language editing

Translation service is available into many languages and it is conducted by professional experts to/from Arabic in a way that contributes finalizing the publication in the proper way.

Updating books & Publications

We update books and publications that need so in terms of content, or inserting any modern material to them, enrich the content with sufficient sources and references related and executing licenses needed for the new book or publication

Create & organizing libraries

We create private libraries for governmental, private institutions and organizations that contain numerous specialized related references with regular update to get the best benefit by working staff in those institutions. We can also organize for cultural activities related in cooperation with meant administrations in those institutions.

Organizing cultural activities

In cooperation with local and international cultural institutions, our Dar organizes cultural specialized activities in social sciences, novels, theater and more.

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